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Our Story

We started making candles out of necessity and also just for fun. We were sick of all of our big name store bought candles producing nasty and unsightly soot rings, and upon doing research on paraffin candles, we were really taken aback. So, we began making our own all natural soy candles in our kitchen. With time we developed our own recipe for soy candles that has been doing great since. We started off just making soy candles for our home playing with different scents and combinations. Soon enough friends and family and co-workers wanted in on some C.A Candles. Little by little our candles made their way in homes up and down the east and west coast. With the help of our family, friends, faith and our amazing supporters, we are continuing to grow each day.   


C.A Candle was born in August of 2013. C.A Candle Company was founded by two 20 year olds who took up the art of candle making out of necessity. Chris and Angel are soy candle makers who take great pride in their product and brand. C.A Candle makes sure each candle meets their high standards. C.A Candles are hand-made in small batches in beautiful downtown Benson, NC. Each C.A Candle is created through a lengthy process involving time, temperature, and climate control. C.A Candle’s main priority is making sure their customers receive a product that they will absolutely love. That is why every C.A Candle is “Hand Poured Perfection!”.


***Our workshop is now located inside our shop "Salvaged Heirlooms" in Downtown Benson,NC--103 W.Main St. Come visit us!

Meet the C.A Candle Company Owners
Chris & Angel

Message From Chris & Angel:

We love our customers and love hearing from you!! Dont be shy, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. Tell us about your experience with our C.A Candles. We look forward to hearing from you.

What people are saying about C.A Candle Company?


"EXCELLENT. Sustainably produced, simply and authentically designed, and cleanly and gorgeously fragranced at a great value. You have a fan in Atlanta!"-Kelly Person Campobasso


"Best candles I've ever smelled. Love the scents & I recommend. Will be buying more very soon. Great customer service."-Katia Lopez


"So I ended up giving my buddy his candles early because I couldn't wait until Christmas. He LOVED them. We bought some from (Big Name Store) the other day and C.A candles are a much better quality!!!"-Edwina Mier

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