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Our C.A Wearble Candles are made of an All Natural Soy/Coconut Oil Wax. Soy wax is a natural moisturizer. Soy candles burn at 102 degrees, slightly higher than normal body temperature. Our Wearables contain no dye. Soy and Coconut oil are rich in Vitamin E which help sooth dry skin. Our candles have a cotton core wick that eliminates the soot rings most lead based candles produce. Our Soy Candles are all hand poured into a 9oz Jar. You'll get about 80 or more hours of burn time. Always trim your wicks before burning

INGREDIANTS: All-Natural Soy Wax, Non-GMO/Non Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Fragrnce.

***Wholesale prices available.

9oz Egyptian Amber Wearable Candle